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Alright, to keep it brief, we’re a group of musically involved kids who interview bands, photographers, and others in the music scene through Google+ Hangouts! We have a Facebook here, our shows are changing soon to Wednesday night’s at 9PM est, we do interactive Q&A questions, and we have a fun night with our guests. We’d love you on the show! veara, ginwarband, and arkhamchicago can tell you we know how to throw an hour and a half party. Join the show yourself if you’re a musician, photographer, music journalist, tour manager, or promoter! Watch Babetalk Tuesday Nights at 9PM est! 

YO so Babetalk has a tiny home on tumblr! I’d appreciate everyone give this a follow, we’ll be dropping our shows here, the traditional pop punk posts, showcasing guests that come on our Google Hangout show, and whatever the fuck happens on here. I’m fucking stoked to be getting that much more legit. I’d love for everyone to give it a follow and support me! Thanks!  

i seriously just love not leaving the house. like i may prefer leaving the house one weekend out of the month but on some real shit?

i may have become a hermit.

PropertyOfZack, Hope For The Day Present: A Comp For Suicide Prevention



Today is a proud day for those at PropertyOfZack. Our Showcase feature has now been running for years, and while we think it’s phenomenal on its own, we wanted to bring select bands together from it for a special cause. With Hope For The Daya non-profit movement committed to utilizing music and the arts as a defense mechanism to suicide, we are launching a charity compilation for suicide prevention. It includes 50 bands for the starting price of $5, and we think you’re going to like it. Please check out the Bandcamp page, listen, learn, and download the comp!

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